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Our Data

Our unique weather data archive comprises a trillion records for 100+ variables; covers the entire UK for the last century – and is continually updated in real time.

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“Without data, all we have is an opinion” – Edward Deming

WeatherNet’s data is derived from:

  • An exclusive network of urban based weather stations
  • The entire Met Office (UKMO) observational network
  • Remotely sensed sources including RADAR, ATD and satellite
  • Modelled data that accounts for the effect of geography

Together these provide us comprehensive, local weather data for the entire UK, updated in real time. We can be confident of what weather happened where and when.  

All data is quality controlled, aggregated (by hour, day, month or year), and geo-referenced (including by postcode) for ease of application and use. As well as ‘actuals’, we also derive comprehensive ‘averages’, ‘anomalies’, ‘benchmarks’ and ‘return periods’, for individual sites, regions or the entire UK. 

We can also provide bespoke weighted statistics that best describe weather where it is most ‘felt’.

Key Features

  • 1 trillion weather records

  • 100’s of variables

  • Over a century of data

  • Updated in real-time

  • Curated by data scientists

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