Ageas and WeatherNet Pioneer in Predicting Extreme Weather Impact for Enhanced Customer Protection

31 January 2024

Ageas UK has positioned itself as a trailblazer in the insurance industry by harnessing the advanced capabilities of WeatherNet’s SurgeCast application, a tool designed to predict the geographical impact of extreme weather events. This innovative approach, a first for a Personal Lines insurer, integrates deep learning from historical weather patterns to provide precise, location-specific forecasts for its policyholders.

The urgency for such a development is underscored by the escalating frequency of extreme weather incidents. Ageas’s adoption of SurgeCast enables the company to proactively identify and assist customers who are most susceptible to the effects of impending severe weather. This forward-thinking strategy is not just about predicting the weather; it’s about safeguarding the well-being of customers and minimising the disruption caused by these unpredictable events.

Stephen Linklater, Ageas Claims Director, emphasises the company’s commitment to adapting to the challenges posed by climate change and erratic weather patterns. “Our goal is to utilise our technical prowess to discover novel methods of enhancing customer protection,” he explains. The SurgeCast application is pivotal in this regard, allowing Ageas to offer timely advice and ensure that consultants and suppliers are primed to respond effectively.

Steve Roberts, Managing Director at WeatherNet, sheds light on the technical sophistication of SurgeCast. “This system delivers customised weather forecasts for the postcodes of Ageas policyholders, updated four times daily and extending up to 16 days ahead.” He further notes that Ageas is pioneering the application of deep learning from a comprehensive analysis of historical severe weather events, which significantly enhances the accuracy of forecasting and impact prediction.

The collaboration between Ageas and WeatherNet is not a static arrangement but an evolving partnership. As climate models advance and more data becomes available, Ageas will continuously refine its risk assessment strategies. This dynamic approach ensures that both Ageas and its customers are always a step ahead, ready to face the challenges posed by extreme weather with confidence and resilience.

In summary, the partnership between Ageas and WeatherNet marks a significant leap forward in the insurance sector, setting a new standard in customer care and risk management in the face of increasingly volatile weather patterns.