Essential Weather Data for Legal Trials

27 March 2024

The old Bailey

In the realm of legal disputes and trials, the precision of weather data can be pivotal. WeatherNet plays a crucial role by providing accurate and detailed weather reports essential for legal cases.

Dr. Richard Wild, Chief Meteorologist at WeatherNet, delivered vital meteorological evidence in a high-profile case involving Constance Marten and Mark Gordon. Charged with manslaughter by gross negligence after the tragic demise of their newborn, Victoria, the couple’s circumstances were closely examined in court.

Central to the trial was the evidence of extreme weather conditions provided by Dr. Wild. He reported to the jury on several specific weather factors such as rainfall and temperature. This included the coldest temperature recorded during the time the couple were alleged to be camping in the area in January and February 2023, which was -4.3C.

This testimony showcases how critical weather data can be in understanding and resolving complex legal cases. This contribution played an important part in painting a clear picture of the environmental conditions at the time in conjunction with all the other evidence presented to the jury.

The case is still ongoing at the Old Bailey.

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