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Insurance Weather Services

Claims Validation, Peril Definitions, Surge Prediction,
Flood Mitigation, Data for Pricing & Underwriting.

Claims Validation

Our award winning service is used and trusted by ~90% of UK insurers!

Rapid, reliable, decisive validation of the 1 in 5 of all UK property claims that are attributed to severe weather ensures:

  • Customers are always treated fairly as even the most localised and fleeting events are captured
  • Streamlined process enabling accurate triage and less site visits
  • Automated decision making
  • Comprehensive MI for monitoring KPI’s and vs market benchmarks
  • Reduced leakage and claims costs
  • Improved customer experience

A Weather Station On Every Street

Our applications and APIs are easily deployed or system integrated at FNOL or ENOL, and our unique RAG (red, amber, green) ‘traffic lights’ can be configured to mirror insurers peril definitions. 

  • Our trillion record weather database, continually updated in real time, is instantly accessible by postcode and equivalent to a weather station on every street
  • We also account for policy holder exposure
  • These and WeatherNet’s RAG enable decisive validation of all weather related perils with unrivalled fidelity – ensuring fair outcomes
  • Delivered by online applications and/or APIs (REST & SOAP) for automation & seamless straight through processing

Our customers range from the UK’s biggest insurer to the smallest; brokers with D/A; adjusters; assessors and claims management companies. 

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Peril Definitions

The number and cost of valid weather claims (and customer experience) depends on peril definitions that are mirrored in WeatherNet’s RAG. Our expertise, experience and unrivalled market knowledge leaves us uniquely placed to ensure definitions for windstorm, rainstorm, snowstorm and all other perils, are rational, fair and competitive; improving transparency, policy wording and optimising triage.

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Surge Prediction

We overlay your risk with postcoded forecasts of severe weather to predict when, where and how much damage will arise.

  • Predictions up to 16 days ahead
  • Bespoke to your exposure
  • Refreshed 4x every day
  • SMS & email alerts
  • Linked to our Surgecast application that maps footprint, severity & chronology and provides an archive of historical analogues
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Flood Mitigation

We monitor rainfall, local flood notifications and 6,000 hydrological gauges, in real time, to determine current postcodes and an aggregate number of properties under threat. This provides opportunities for response planning and flood mitigation. Configurable thresholds, can be set to trigger alerts, that link back to our Flood Application.

  • Maps postcodes and numbers of properties at risk
  • Continually updated in real time
  • Email & SMS alerts
  • 10 year archive of historic flooding events
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WeatherNet ‘Ensemble’ is our comprehensive insurance subscription that delivers ‘Validation’, ‘SurgeCast’, ‘Flood’; and various other tools, insights and utilities customised by company and personalised by user log in

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Data For Pricing & Underwriting

Our comprehensive, granular, post-coded weather data and unique claims knowledge helps insurers to understand risk more completely, underwrite competitively and price fairly.

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Weather Evidence

For individual claims pertaining to weather related business interruption, injury and liability, we can provide one off reports, data sets or consultancy. Please refer to our Legal Services Section or Contact Us.

We’ve used WeatherNet’s data for years to help with forecasting insurance claims and particularly extreme weather events. Their website is easy to use and very informative. We particularly enjoy using WeatherNet because they are supported by an amazingly talented team who are a joy to work with…

Vimal Patel
Rated 5 stars on Google

This is a superb service. All our Loss Assessors use it and get to know what the weather is accurately in all areas of the UK. Laura Stuart also makes monthly updates fun with thought provoking and informative anecdotes. Keep up the good work guys.

Richard Loasby
Rated 5 stars on Google